Powerful Copywriting Skills Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

jewelry marketing skills

If you’re serious about selling your jewelry designs online, you need to master the art of web site copywriting. Even very small improvements in your copywriting skills can result in higher conversion rates. I would recommend getting a good book on the art and science of web copy writing and concentrate on mastering the basics. Believe me, it will be well worth the investment. Here are some web site copywriting tips that can help you increase your jewelry sales:

1. Use short words.

This is not the time to impress anyone with your extensive vocabulary. People respond to short, crisp words with lots of impact. Learn to take out any extraneous words that might weigh down your ads.

2. Use short sentences and paragraphs.

To hold your potential customer’s attention, use short precise, action filled sentences and short paragraphs. You want lots of white space between thoughts so your copy is more restful on the eyes. If you crowd your paragraphs together, the reader will become frustrated and stop reading and buying!

3. Focus on the benefits of your jewelry designs, not features.

Tell your reader succinctly what’s in it for them and why they should buy your jewelry. Don’t bore them with details about your company and other irrelevant information. People want to know how your jewelry designs will transform their wardrobe AND their lives.

4. Use testimonials.

Ask your customers for testimonials if they had a good experience ordering from your company. Post these testimonials strategically throughout your copy. Nothing boost sales like convincing endorsements from real people.

5. Know your customers

You should understand the demographics of the type of customer who buys your jewelry designs and how to most effectively relate to them. Talk in the language they would use and never talk down to them.

6. Give them a reason to act.

You want to inspire your customer to take action which means buying your jewelry designs. Give them a deadline, a special offer, or some other impetus to act quickly. You chances of a sale are highest when they’re reading your sales copy. Don’t let them get away without ordering.

7. Write and then rewrite.

Write your initial sales copy. Put it away and come back the next morning. Remove any extraneous words that aren’t necessary or lack impact. You want your web site copywriting to be tight, focused, and powerful. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied, then let someone else read it and evaluate their reaction. Did it motivate them to want to buy? If so, you’ve achieved your objective.

8. Use words that sell.

Remember to sprinkle your web copywriting with words such as exclusive, free, brand new, one-of-a-kind, irresistible, dazzling, which have a strong impact on your reader. A good reference book for this person is called Words That Sell by Richard Bayan. I keep this book by my computer at all times when I’m writing ad copy to give me a list of power words to use in my descriptions. This stuff really works! Give it a try.

9. Keep practicing your web copywriting skills!

Practice web copywriting until you become a pro. It’s one of the most useful skills a serious jewelry marketer can learn.
Hope this helps you give your online jewelry business a boost!